Riga Performance Festival Starptelpa

Hosted by DUO Anette and Jan-Egil
Friday, June 15 at 11 AM - 2 PM

Open Session is a public space performance concept arranged by Performance Art Bergen in Norway every second month in the city of Bergen. It is an open invitation to artist and non-artist to do improvised performance together, for an hour or more. During the five years of doing Opens Session, DUO Anette and Jan-Egil have accumulated some experience of doing improvised group performance that they bring to this festival. The basic theme is: there is no right or wrong, just experimentation. The session will explore strategies for approaching improvisation, body awareness, boundaries/limits, repetition and time. Everyone is welcome, there is no pre-knowledge necessary. Please just bring material to work with.


Performance Practice Workshop by Larysa Bauge (The Netherlands)
Duration: 11:00-21:00
Date: 14, June
Space: Dance Hall, RISEBA H2O6
Address: Durbes street 4, RISEBA, H2O6 Architecture and Media Centre
Application till June, 10. 
E-mail: maatelpa@gmail.com

“Ideally, the performance artist is always generating a new challenge for her or himself, never repeating an action. It is driven by curiosity, and the quest is discovery, transformation, knowledge.” / Marylin Arsem 
Black Sheep Don’t Lie is an Intensive workshop aimed for individuals interested in the matter of self-exploration through creative acts. Theatre/music/visuals/literature/and all other sort of (non)art practitioners of any age, nationality, food/sex preferences and physical capabilities are welcome to become a black sheep of the world: the odd, the worrier, the one who can afford to be honest, here and now. 
This workshop departs from the notion of the performance art as a radical form of expression. Radical meaning challenging the accepted, the socially standardized, pleasing in arts and daily life. We will question the approaches, the perception and ways of making art. 
With this practice I’d like to share tools that might be helpful in order to re-discover and re-new your own way of expression, your own means and limits of your imagery. 
Rather than imposing certain performance technics, I’d like you to explore a set of exercises that helps you escaping your comfort zone. Use these tools to bring insights and challenge for your own practice or escape it all together.
We will work both in group and individually.

Points of focus:
1) Self-reflection
2) Awareness, reacting to the moment 
3) Honesty with yourself 
4) Let the subconscious ideas lead
5) Exploring the inner state rather than creating an appealing image
6) Body, body, body
7) Repetition

Materials needed: 
1) Pen, notebook 
2) Comfortable (not sporty) clothes, come as you usually are…
3) Your doubts, concerns, ideas, challenges, longings.

Larysa Bauge is a performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. She graduated as a multi-disciplinary performer from T.I.M.E. department of the Royal Institute of Arts, the Hague. Bauge’s artistic practice is characterized by its diversity. She was trained and worked as an orchestra conductor with such collectives as Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra (ES), the New Ensemble (NL), NEuverband (CH). She composed scores for dance and theatre and worked as a DJ. She is also experienced in a theater field as an actress and participated in such festivals as Culturescapes (CH), Arena (DE), Stukafest (NL). For the past years her practice focuses on performance art as a way of combining past experiences and escaping the dogma in arts. Her most recent performance happened in Indian Himalayas, where she created a long durational piece on possible connections between nature and culture. Website: www.larysabauge.com
Participation fee: 20 eur
Foto: Juergen Fritz

June 11-12, 6 pm – 9 pm.
Workshop by FRAUKE (Caroline Lundblad)

Butoh dance studies nature's conditions, processes and cycles. To understand a physical condition, the dancer study, through the body, the journey of a movement. The aim is to master the cycle of the conditions - to send out a movement and also being able to bring it back - to know the route back. It is one of butoh's "invisible" techniques, the dance is active in all stages of the cycle of a physical condition. When the dance works in cycles, movements are sent out and returned, the body becomes a transparent container, an invisible body. Frauke's artistic ambition for her dance is to create a context which opens up for participation through multiple senses.

For Frauke it’s a matter of dancing, from the body’s smallest cell to the air around it.
The dance is born from an empty body- a body available for transformation. Frauke is interacting non symbolically, without an intent from an artist subject, and directly with the world - with darkness, with light, with trees and water - she embraces their qualities and behaviors and makes body of them.

The workshop aims to expand the idea of shifting the body/ erasing and being blurred in order to in vite a new condition to be born. The choreographic materials, a selection of conditions seen in nature are demonstrated and trained.

Workshop structure
•Basic training: emptiness, availability, strength, initiation of movement.
•Outdoor training: gravitation, balance, feets relationship to ground and body to a bigger world. Letting go of control.
•Dance materials: essence of materials in nature, for example the twisting movements of trees, whirl movements in water, lightness of smoke rising from the ground, the speed and strike of thunder and lightening.
•Final stage is to invite the natural rhythm of a condition take over and let it naturally flow in space bringing the dance into a new dimension.

Frauke (Caroline Lundblad) is a choreographer with a focus on butoh and performance. She is based in Gothenburg, and also does work internationally. She has created her own genre of Butoh where her works are site specific and unique. Frauke often works with other artists from different artistic disciplines and her performances are inspired by contemporary art and contemporary choreography. She is making collaborations with Japanese artists, as Mile Nagaoka, doing documentary, as well taking part in Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, and residencies all around the world. Frauke has been granted with the International Choreography Grant by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (2018). More information: www.frauke.se.

Application. Please, send application to e-mail: maatelpa@gmail.com till June,5. Number of participants are limited. Class is open as for professional artists, dancers as for everybody interested in butoh, body-work and performance. Workshop fee: Euro 20,- (per both classes).

The venue: MĀ TELPA Artist residency & Education Centre, Miera street 15 (entrance from the yard), Riga.

More information: www.maatelpa.com; (+371) 29394500, FB page: MĀ TELPA Artist Residency.

13.-16. jūnijs 10.00 – 15.00 meistarklases Kaņepes kultūras centrā, Skolas ielā 15 (pusdienu pārtraukums aptuveni 12.00-13.00).
17. jūnijs 11.00-14.00 meistarklašu dalībnieku performances Kaņepes kultūras centrā, Skolas ielā 15.

Harold Hejazi (CAN), performanču mākslinieks, mākslas un angļu valodas pasniedzējs, šobrīd Helsinku Mākslas universitātē studē maģistrantūras programmā “Live Art and Performance studies”, vairāk informācijas: http://haroldhejazi.com/

Heidi Hornáčková (CZE), performances māksliniece un performances mākslai veltītu festivālu organizatore Tallinā, Berlīnē, Prāgā un citur; pasniedzēja, darbojas performances, vizuālās un skaņas mākslas jomās. Šobrīd Prāgā maģistrantūrā studē teātra režiju, vairāk informācijas: https://heidihornackova.wordpress.com/

13.-16. jūnijs 10.00 – 15.00 meistarklases Kaņepes kultūras centrā, Skolas ielā 1
17. jūnijs 11.00-14.00 meistarklašu dalībnieku performances Kaņepes kultūras centrā, Skolas ielā 1

Sanita Duka – drāmas skolotāja ar 20 gadu pieredzi, režisore, performatore, eksperimentālu drāmas izglītības projektu autore un īstenotāja. Pieredzi guvusi gan dažādās ārvalstu meistarklasēs, gan mijiedarbojoties ar tādiem leģendāriem latviešu performances māklsiniekiem kā Hārdijs Lediņš un Miervaldis Polis.

Ilze Mazpane - performatore, izglītības programmas “Iespējamā misija” absolvente, mākslu un latviešu valodas skolotāju kuratore, eksperimentālu mākslas izglītības projektu autore un īstenotāja, Skola2030 satura un pedagogu profesionālās pilnveides vecākā eksperte.

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