Riga Performance Festival Starptelpa

Festival Opening Performance THE BEARMAN (Norway, Spain, Latvia)
June, 15 / 20:00-21:00
RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6, AISTERE HALL. Address: Durbes street 4, Riga.

The multimedia performance-ritual “Lāčuvīrs” (“The Bearman”) unites contemporary performance art based in Japanese Butoh dance, with Latvian and Sami traditional music, as well as light and video art. The performance “The Bearman” researches the Nordic myth of the bear as the male archetype.

The author of the performance Simona Orinska together with her performance group IDEAGNŌSIS are searching for new forms of expression in different venues, working with diverse material and co-operating with artists from various genres. Special musical guest of the performance is the Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik from Northern Norway, who visited Riga already some years ago and enchanted the audience with an intense concert, uniting Sami joiking, throat singing, guitar and shamanic drums. In “The Bearman” his musical partner will be Latvian kokle player Sanita Sprūža, voice artists Arvis Kantiševs and Dana Indāne.

Visual artist of the performance is Gita Straustiņa, and light artist Andrējs Krūmiņš. 

Performers: Maria Garcia de las Llanderas (Spain), Laura Feldberga, Vika Eksta, Alda Rusina, Velta Gūtmane, Ketija Riteniece, Alise Rancāne, Marija Šaurova.

The project is realized by MĀ TELPA Artist Residency and Kaņepes Cultural Centre, in co-operation with Culture Management Centre „Lauska” and RISEBA. The project is supported by Norway Embassy, Riga City Council, State Culture Capital Foundation and the Norden Kulturkontakt Nord Mobility Programme. 

Entrance free.

Performance UMI (Sweden) International Premiere!
June, 16 / 20:00-21:00
RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6, AISTERE HALL. 
Address: Durbes street 4, Riga.

The performance Umi, which means ocean in Japanese, explores our relationship to the untouched and untamed nature. Umi indicates our bottomless depth, either non-existence or existence. Ancient and primeval is the ocean, our mother's mother. Umi represents a shapeless depth underneath a reflective surface. Umi is the second performance in the trilogy three bodies. Three bodies refer to the natural cyclic process and the three bodies or phases nature undergoes in a flow of duration. The third body mediates and connects the other two bodies. Just as day and night need dusk or dawn. Umi - three bodies is touring internationally 2018.

The performance/concert is a unique live act with butoh dancer Frauke and electro/glitch musician Andreas Tilliander. 

Frauke and Tilliander's most recent collaboration Yama - three bodies, the first part in the trilogy, premiered in Sweden 2017 during the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) and with performances in Kobe, Japan and Marstrand, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of the project Umi - three bodies is a new international butoh dance performance created for an international tour 2018 in Latvia, Sweden and Japan.
Andreas Tilliander has been active within the electronic music scene ever since the beginning of the nineties. Nowadays, electronica is tightly associated with laptops, but rather than following the latest software development Tilliander prides himself on working with equipment that is more or less forty years old. Even if it's principally about the creation of sound, the tactile dimension of it is tremendously important.

Frauke is a choreographer with a focus on butoh and performance. She is based in Gothenburg, and also does work internationally. She has created her own genre of Butoh where her works are site specific and unique. Frauke often works with other artists from different artistic disciplines and her performances are inspired by contemporary art and contemporary choreography. Within the project Frauke will teach butoh wokshops, give artist talk and arrange film screenings. Homepage:www.frauke.se.

Concept/Choreography/Dance: Frauke
Music: Andreas Tilliander
Costume: Gerd Karlsson
Light design/Scenography: Johan Rödström
Production: Gold Digger Productions

Performance is supported by Swedish Arts Council, City of Gothenburg, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västra Götaland, Nordic Culture Point and Asia-Europe Foundation.
Entrance free.
Photo: Mile Nagaoka

17 June / 21:00-21:20
RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6, AISTERE HALL. 
Address: Durbes street 4, Riga.

Performance “Getting Out Of My Own Way” is an artistic presentation of interdisciplinary project “Dancing the Blues” already presented in UK and USA. Artistic duet explores four key concepts from research in the effectiveness of dance movement psychotherapy with people with depression: embodiment, relationality, movement metaphor and narrative. Developing out of improvisations between a dancer/choreographer, a poet and a musician, these concepts have been translated to movement, text and sounds and back again.

Research: Prof Vicky Karkou, Professor of Arts and Wellbeing, Edge Hill University.
Choreography, visuals and performance: Julia Griffin, Senior Lecturer in Dance and Performance, Edge Hill University.
Poems and performance: Scott Thurston, Reader in English and Creative Writing, University of Salford. 
Soundscape: Steve Davismoon, Associate Dean of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, and Head of the Creative Campus, Hope University.

Vebsite for the project 
Project is supported by Edge Hill University (UK)
The festival is organized by MĀ TELPA Artist Residency and Kaņepes Cultural Centre, in co-operation with RISEBA. The festival is supported by Riga City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation.
Entrance free.
Photo: © Edge Hill University

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