Riga Performance Festival Starptelpa

RIGA, 10.06.–14.06.2020.

The theme this year is: “Performance, Ritual, Myth”.
Latvian Centre for Performance Art invites you to participate in the festival, creating performances that explore, reveal, evaluate and critically reflect upon these three plurisemantic terms, whose definitions relate to art, sociology, anthropology, folklore, mythology and religion studies, offering a wide and meaningful field of interpretations. We agree with anthropologist Victor Turner, who writes: “If man is a sapient animal, a tool making animal, a self-making animal, a symbol using animal, he is, no less, a performing animal, Homo performans" (Turner 1987: 13).

RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6, Durbes Street 4, Riga
Tallina Street Quarter, Miera iela 34 / Tallinas iela 10
Concert hall “Tu jau zini kur”, Tallinas iela 10-K3
It is possible to create performances both indoors and outdoors.

When submitting the proposal for the Festival, artists must take into account health and safety issues, the presence of audiences and the restrictions of space. The artists ensure that they have the necessary materials for the implementation of the performance. Please enquire regarding any assistance.
The artists are encouraged to apply for external funding, because the travel, accommodation and per diem costs shall not be covered by the Festival (we will try to arrange some free-of-charge accommodation as much as possible). The artists must have a valid travel insurance and, if required, a visa.

The results of shortlisting will be announced on 10 March 2020.
Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us using the email indicated above.

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